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Juniperus phoenicea - Genévrier rouge - Arar

Juniperus phoenicea is a large shrub or small tree reaching 5–8 metres  tall, with a trunk up to 1–2 metres  in diameter and a rounded or irregular crown. The bark, which can be pealed in strips, is dark greyish-brown. The leaves are of two forms, juvenile needle-like leaves 5–14 mm long and 1 mm wide on seedlings, and adult scale-leaves 1–2 mm long on older plants with a green to blue-green color; they are arranged in opposite decussate pairs or whorls of three. It is largely monoecious, but some individual plants are dioecious. The female cones are berry-like, 6–14 mm in diameter, orange-brown, occasionally with a pinkish waxy bloom, and contain 3-8 seeds; they are mature in about 18 months, and are mainly dispersed by birds. The male cones are 2–4 mm long, and shed their pollen in early spring, which is wind-pollinated. source : wikipedia

Juniperus phoenicea - Genévrier rouge - Arar
Juniperus phoenicea seeds

Juniperus phoenicea - Genévrier rouge - Arar

Juniperus phoenicea - Genévrier rouge - Arar

Juniperus phoenicea - Genévrier rouge - Arar

Juniperus phoenicea - Genévrier rouge - Arar

Juniperus phoenicea - Genévrier rouge - Arar
Seed of Juniperus Phoenicea

Photographer : Jamal Chaaouan

Juniperus phoenicea L. (accepted name)

Common names:

Arâr, Phoenician juniper, genévrier de Phénicie, genévrier rouge, Rotfrüchtiger Wacholder, Stechwacholder, Zypressenwacholder, gluhac, gluhacuša, primorska  somina, Föníciai boróka, sabina-da-praia, sabina negral, sabina suave, Finike ardiçi, العرعارالأحمر, العرعار الفينيقي,



12 BAL COR FRA-FR FRA-MO POR SAR SPA-GI SPA-SP 13 ALB GRC ITA-IT KRI SIC-SI TUE YUG-BH YUG-CR 20 ALG LBY MOR-MO MOR-SP TUN 21 CNY MDR 34 CYP EAI LBS-LB LBS-SY PAL-JO TUR 35 SAU; Macaronesia: Canary Is., Madeira Is.; Mediterranean Region: Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt (Sinai), France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey; Saudi Arabia (along Red Sea).

Classification source :  Catalogue Of life

Description Source :  Wikipedia
Pictures Copyright : (Jamal CHAAOUAN)  Photostock.geojamal.com
Photographer : Jamal Chaaouan
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